Old Habits Die Hard--Japan’s Exploitation of School Girls | Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has been attracting foreigners due to its alluring lights, bustling streets, and vibrant neighborhoods. I recently visited the city, not for the Robot Restaurant or teamLab Borderless but to learn about the JK business. JK stands for joshi kōsei, meaning “high school girl.” Due to the country being highly patriarchal, young girls are seen as more pure and enticing. In certain districts such as Akihabara, individuals can pay to chat, walk, and do other “activities” with minors.
While in Akihabara, I was timing how long it took to walk from JK facilities to love hotels to see how fast a paid walk could escalate to an uncomfortable situation. It came as no surprise that these areas were relatively close together. The age of consent in Japan is technically 13, but many local ordinances have increased it to 18. There are always loopholes...

If you zoom in on the pink board on the left, you will see that the mouths of the girls are blurred out.

Love hotels are where people go to have sex, hence the name. Similar to motels in the U.S., individuals can choose to pay by the hour or night. Some look like typical hotels, while others have whacky themes: Christmas, S&M, and Bali.

An alley filled with love hotels
Up until 2014, five years ago, it was legal to own child pornography in Japan. The law has changed, but minors are still being exploited. This new law does not include the banning of anime and other digitally created material that feature graphic images of children. If you stroll into a book or sex shop, you will see derogatory images of young girls on items.

Yuki Aoyama is a Japanese photographer who specializes in taking pictures of girls in their uniforms. On Instagram, he has over twenty thousand followers!

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