Taiwanese Buddhist Funeral: 49 days | Yilan, Taiwan

In the “West” when someone dies they are usually buried a couple of days after, that is not the case in Yilan. The funeral ceremony lasts for up to 49 days. If the deceased comes from a low-income family the ceremony can be shortened to 14 days. (Note: Seven is considered a lucky number and a symbol of completion. 7x7=49 14/2=7). During this period, the body remains at the house. The first seven days are the most important because this is when the soul returns “home.” The time it takes for the consciousness to travel to the next life is disputed. People who live for 80 years+ receive a red lantern (red symbolizes celebration). Everyone else gets a white lantern (white symbolizes death). After 14 to 49 days, the body goes to the cemetery.

Nick(Taiwanese), Me, and Arthur (French)

Red/Pinkish lanterns

Flowers are placed here by friends and family. Politicians also give flowers in hopes to receive votes in the next election.

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